B2B marketers in Canada generate an enormous amount of revenue and activity every year, but unlike marketers at B2C companies, their names are largely unknown in the marketing world.

These dedicated and talented marketers work hard to get someone else’s company recognized. To do this, they keep up on the latest marketing tactics, which over the past decade have gone beyond communicating and simply raising the profile of a company and its products.

Modern marketers employ specialized techniques including account-based marketing and binge marketing. As prominent marketing technologist and Hacking Marketing author Scott Brinker observed, today’s marketers have nearly unlimited opportunities to apply their talents, including websites, mobile apps, social media management, marketing automation, analytics and programmatic advertising. “It’s become so intense that the job of marketing management is now also one of technology management too.”

Yet for all of their work, B2B marketers often get little recognition themselves.

With such demands on them, B2B News Network wanted to shine a little light on this behind-the-scenes crew. So we asked our readers: Who are the fantastic Canadian B2B marketers? Is someone getting your company amazing press, or making a name for your up-and-coming business?

You responded with enthusiasm and with that, we bring you Canada’s most interesting, innovative and influential B2B marketers.

Who she is: Pola Hallquist, Director at Clarity Communications and CEO at Apothecary Communications

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolaHallquist @PolaHallquist

Find her on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/polahallquist

A director at Clarity Communications and CEO at Apothecary Communications, Hallquist sees B2B marketing evolving with the increasing access to data.

“The more data available to marketing professionals, the more we will be able to harness better customer insights and the more specific our targeting and content messaging can be,” Hallquist told B2B News Network.

Delivering a highly relevant message to the right audience via the right channel will always be the key to building and maintaining customer loyalty and advocacy, she said.

“In order to do this, companies will need to acquire a deep understanding of their customers and produce content they will find useful in order to keep them engaged and talking about the brand,” she said.

“Understanding your customer and communicating that knowledge to every engagement point is the only path to success. In this way, acquiring customer data will be the key factor in highly effective marketing campaigns.”

With a multitude – and growing number – of communication channels, companies are looking to constantly expand their reach and deliver highly targeted messaging, Hallquist said.

“The current marketing landscape calls for well-versed professionals who are driven by a fast-paced and ever-evolving digital marketplace. The only way to get noticed in such a saturated environment is by monitoring current trends and thinking outside of the box.”

Hallquist works primarily with technology clients in the areas of fintech, ecommerce, artificial intelligence, cyber security and big data.

So how does she keep on top of such complex and rapidly changing field?

“The only way I can is to always be learning (tools of my trade as well as those of my customers and their industries), and to never stop innovating.”

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