Market Positioning

Make your brand stand out. You occupy a unique place in the market – our job is to clearly define your competitive advantages in the minds of your clients and target market, industry pundits, and the media.

Editorial Management

Craft your strategy. We deliver the highest quality, in-depth content: blogs, press releases, contributed articles, ebooks, etc. that resonate with your clients and impact your bottom line.

Media Outreach

Leverage press coverage to build awareness. The media is key to any successful PR campaign – take advantage of our strong, established media relationships to expand the reach of your brand.

Thought Leadership

Speak directly to your audience. We get you on the podium at industry events and awards to highlight your expertise and recognize your achievements –for both your company and executives.



5 Pillars of a Corporate PR Program

“If you're not appearing, you're disappearing.” The legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey was describing the struggle for relevance in the entertainment business, but the quote speaks to just about every industry today. The barriers to entry in any field are lower than...

How to Score Free Publicity for Your Business

Can you remember the last advertisement you saw on the tv, online, on the side of a bus or on a billboard? If you can, ask yourself what it was about the ad that made you remember it. Was it the aesthetics, its sense of humor, its relevance to your life? If you can’t...

B2B News Network names Pola Hallquist a marketing influencer

B2B marketers in Canada generate an enormous amount of revenue and activity every year, but unlike marketers at B2C companies, their names are largely unknown in the marketing world.These dedicated and talented marketers work hard to get someone else’s...

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